DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Russia’s invasion displaced millions of Ukrainians to points all around the world, including here in the Miami Valley.

Friday evening, Ukrainian-Americans held a rally at courthouse square, honoring the lives lost, and supporting the continued fight.

The air at this rally was intense – with many Ukrainians feeling a mixture of both pride and sadness as this war continues to terrorize their homeland.

Oksana Knapp, the treasurer of the Ukrainian Society of Greater Dayton says that her family and friends are suffering and are constantly in a state of terror.

“I pray all the time and every day that it will be over, because I still have my sisters there and my friends, and I am really saddened that they have to experience all the emergencies they have to endure. no lights. My sister has to sleep on clothes. they’re all closed, and she has to go down to the bomb shelter regularly because the bomb can fall any time,” Knapp said.

The protest was put on by the Ukrainian society of Dayton. It was full of ukrainians and American supporters.

The United States has been the leading ally supporting Ukraine during the war, support that Knapp and so many other Ukrainians say that they are extremely grateful for as they pray for this war to end.

“Without the world’s support, we would never be able to do it. Ukraine, it wouldn’t be possible. so with american support, with the support of european countries, it’s possible. and I am sure we will win. Ukraine will prevail. Ukraine will win,“ Oksana Knapp proclaimed.

There are over 300 Ukrainian families here in Dayton currently seeking refuge. Here is their website, where you can support their cause.