DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– The University of Dayton is welcoming back students this weekend as classes resume tomorrow. Campus is buzzing with foot traffic, families helping move their students back into their dorm.

A group of sophomore roommates say besides having to wear a mask, they’re looking forward to experiencing a relatively normal college experience, something that has yet to happen for them.

“It’s definitely easier that we’re all going through it together and not an individual thing,” said UD Sophomore Kari Shimmmin.

University of Dayton students have started to flood Brown Street once again, bags in hand and eager to continue learning in the classroom.

“We have not had a normal college experience yet but it’s already so much better this year than last,” said UD Sophomore Megan Renetzky. “Especially since we were freshmen last year, we were just in our rooms all the time, it was so hard to meet people but we all got lucky and met each other.” 

According to UD’s Coronavirus Dashboard for the Fall of 2021, 79-percent of the students and employees on campus were vaccinated and currently reporting status 1 Level Green Contained, the lowest of all status levels. Overall students say they are truly celebrating move-in day and are hoping to finish off the school year strong.

“Just keep going, we can do this, remember what we’ve been through and know it can only go up from here,” said Renetzky.

At this time masks are required in several indoor public areas and officials say the coronavirus dashboard will be updated Monday for the spring semester. For more information on guidelines, click here.