DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Two firefighters were brought to the hospital after fighting a blaze on Crestmore Ave on Monday.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Nicholas Hosford, crews responded to what they believed was a house fire with people still inside. When crews arrived, they immediately began searching the home for people and fighting the blaze.

After fighting heavy fire conditions, the firefighters determined that no one was inside the building, however, two firefighters had been injured, Hosford said.

“This is a dangerous job, and our members know that going in every day they put their lives on the line,” Hosford said. “The primary focus of going into this building was to look for people inside, search, find them, rescue them out of the building, and that’s where we take those risks to ensure the safety of the community.”

The injured two were brought to the hospital in non-life-threatening condition while crews continued to put out the remaining hot spots in the home.

This incident is still under investigation, and no cause of the fire, or specific cause for the firefighters’ injuries has been released at this time.