DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — For the last year, the Boggess family has relied on United Rehabilitation Services not only for childcare but also for therapies and services.

Nicole and Adam Boggess’ daughters, Emily and Brooklyn, have been chosen as this year’s URS telethon ambassadors.

“When we found United Rehab Services, it was a blessing to our family,” beams the girls’ mother, Nicole.

Emily and Brooklyn are twins, but the two-year-old sisters have some significant differences.

“When Emily was born, she was actually a NICU baby. I had the twins at 38 weeks. So with her, she had a lot of medical issues to start out with. As she got older, we started to notice more issues and delays that we didn’t notice with Brooklyn, her twin sister,” describes Nicole.

Emily was diagnosed with Laryngomalacia and failure to thrive shortly after being born.

“We had to find a daycare that could handle Emily and all of her medical issues and delays, and she has a G tube,” says Nicole.

The Boggess family connected with URS about a year ago. The two girls come to URS five days a week for childcare, and Emily receives therapies and services for he special needs.

Working with therapists, Emily navigates the literal and figurative obstacles she faces in everyday life.

“We’re working on a lot of balance and coordination and strengthening. Obstacle courses are a great way to do that, kind of incorporates all of those things,” says Stephanie French, a physical therapist with URS.

URS gives Emily a chance to develop both her gross and fine motor skills.

“We work a lot on doing some bi-lateral coordination activities—so doing things with two hands. We’ve worked a lot on scooping to help her feed herself. We’ll do lots of puzzles, lots of stringing beads,” describes Sarah Rock, an occupational therapist with URS. “We’ve been working a lot on body awareness, so just knowing where her body is in space to help her control her movements a little bit better.”

Emily not only works on movement but also her mind, developing speech and language skills.

“We are working on her expressive language skills–what she can say, express, let us know her wants and needs. She will do some signs, some verbal speech. So right now, we’re kind of pairing both together,” describes Katie Oxender, a speech and language pathologist with URS.

Over the course of the year, she’s made a lot of progress.

“Just even a couple months in, she came home and her balance was even better. Her communication was better. She was starting to try to vocalize, and then with Brooklyn, she has just excelled.” says Nicole.

“It’s just amazing to see how day-in and day-out something’s hard and then all of the sudden we have it mastered. It’s very rewarding,” states French.

Step by step, URS is helping her reach her milestones.

“United Rehab Services has changed my twins’ life, let alone my family’s life, and have made tremendous strides with my kids. And I know that they have open arms to welcome anyone that is willing to come,” smiles Nicole.