LIMA, Ohio (WDTN) – President Donald Trump’s remarks before union workers at the Joint Service Manufacturing Center in Lima on Wednesday came days after he named and criticized a union leader at the Lordstown General Motors plant, citing union leadership as one reason the plant had shut down. 

Trump briefly touched on those remarks, and then hit hard at union leaders while praising union workers, stating the leaders often say one thing and do another.

“They’re good guys, but they’re Democrats,” Trump said. 

He mentioned “high union dues” paid by workers and the shifting of blue collar allegiances from Democrats to Republicans.

This was the only instance of his speech where the crowd chanted “Trump, Trump.”

“He’s done a good thing for this community, rebuilding the military, and he’s helped a lot of people in this town,” said Brad Goecke, a worker at the plant who attended the speech. “I think they’re going to keep hiring. He’s done great for this town and community.”

Goecke expects the plant to keep hiring as the Trump administration said in a press release during the speech it has asked for 147 additional Abrams tanks by the end of the 2019 fiscal year. 

Two other workers, who declined to give names, said they “loved the speech,” another said “it was exactly what we wanted to hear.” 

Trump received a rousing ovation when he entered the floor where the speech was held. Lee Greenwood’s “I’m Proud to be an American” played as he made his way to both sides of the stage to wave at workers. 

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