TROY, Ohio (WDTN) — A Troy police officer was fired after a suspect was injured while in police custody.

The Troy Police Department said that on April 26 administration became aware of an incident that happened at 4 a.m. on April 25 where a handcuffed suspect was injured in the sally port of the department. The city opened an internal investigation and requested an outside agency to complete a criminal investigation.

Documents obtained from Troy Police detail officer accounts of the evening Patrol Officer Eric Kilbourne took a suspect back to the station, injuring him in the process.

According to the department, Kilbourne arrested a man who was in violation of a temporary protection order after officers were sent to check on a domestic violence call at a Hampton Inn. Kilbourne alleges that the suspect grew agitated during the ride and used incendiary language towards him.

Several officer accounts corroborate Kilbourne’s claim that the suspect aggressively jumped at him when he opened the passenger side door after arriving at the station. He was able to grab the suspect and attempted to place him against the wall but equipment was blocking it, so he instead “took him to the ground.”

Kilbourne said that once the suspect was grounded, the equipment from the wall fell, striking both him and the suspect in the head. However, only the suspect’s head was cut in the incident.

An independent investigation found that while the equipment did fall, Kilbourne had actually pushed the suspect’s head and face against the ground for roughly two minutes. While pressing against the back of the suspect’s neck, pinning his head, Kilbourne also placed his knee on the suspect’s arm causing the man to shout in pain.

Kilbourne has been disciplined for use of force in the past, which the department believed to be a pattern of misconduct. Along with the following charges, the department said he received a written reprimand on April 4 for insubordination:

  • 11/4/08 — Letter of reprimand for use of force
  • 12/7/12 — Written consultation for issues with use of force/tactics
  • 1/26/17 — Consultation for issues with use of force
  • 2/21/17 — Consultation for issues with use of force
  • 12/27/20 — Counseling for issues with use of force reporting

The City of Troy and the Troy Police Department determined that Kilbourne committed offenses to the city’s “Group III” policies, which include: willful neglect of city property, attempting to injure a person, giving false reports and bringing disrepute to the city. It was also determined that he violated nine police policies as well.

After completing the internal investigation in late May, the city placed Kilbourne on unpaid leave, eventually terminating him on June 1 for violations of police and city policy.

To read the full incident report submitted by the city and police department, click the link below: