TROY, Ohio (WDTN) — The Ohio state report card showed incredible growth for students within the Troy City School District once again.

The Troy High School community excelled past the growth score for 2022 in 2023. Last year, the school was third in Ohio in the growth index measurement.

Troy High School has found a way to out-do themselves. In 2023, the school is number one by more then one point.

Teachers were able to react earlier in the week, when they heard the news at an assembly. 

“I was almost in tears because it was just really overwhelming and exciting for them to hear that,” said Alexis Dedrick, principal, Troy High School.

The formula used to measure student growth is quite complex.  

“It considers all of their state tests how they’ve done year over year,” Dedrick said. “Based on that information, then the state puts out projected scores that this student should or is projected to score this on their state test. In that particular subject.”

The formula continues to then take into account other students across the state at the same academic level.

“We do work hard to make sure we are doing what’s best for kids always. And so this this kind of a nod really shows where we are on the right track for that,” said Dedrick.

The Miami County high school was just the start for Troy City Schools. The district was third overall in the same metric.

Troy Schools Superintendent Craig Piper credits the students for their efforts. 

“The fact that our kids are performing at such high levels makes us very excited for the work that we’re doing,” said Piper. “But it makes us even more excited for for what’s ahead for our students.”

Piper says the collaboration between teachers and supporting students has been the key. 

“Believing that our kids can learn at high levels and not, not putting barriers in front of ourselves, but they’re there working hard together collaboratively to to help our students grow,” says Piper. “It’s paying off huge.”

Troy’s success in the classroom has not gone unnoticed by other educators around the state. Superintendent Piper tells 2 NEWS other districts will be visiting Troy to see first hand why the students are progressing at such a high rate.