TROY, Ohio (WDTN)- Barefoot Furniture Company owner Drew Larck had been watching the crisis in Ukraine unfold with a heavy heart, so he and his team decided to do something.

Larck built a coffee table for a prize, and now people can donate money to be entered into a raffle. The money then goes to a fundraiser for Samaritan’s Purse, a humanitarian aid organization that’s working to bring relief to Ukrainians.

“We decided we could easily donate a little bit of money, but we’d probably be better served using our talents to kinda figure out a better way to get more money,” said Larck.

Larck reached out to companies he and his team work closely with to secure the materials needed to make the coffee table.

“Then we got them to donate materials, we built a coffee table,” he said. “We are doing a raffle for Samaritan’s Purse.”

The raffle goal is to raise $2500. Larck says a $25 donation gets people 1 ticket, and $100 donations get you 5 tickets to be entered into the raffle.

Larck says the process to create the coffee table wasn’t a quick one.

“It’s Ukrainian folk art that I found online, actually, is the design on there. It was about 14 hours of carve time on the CNC, then probably another 15 hours worth of labor that went into it.”

Even though the process took time and effort, Larck says it’s worth it to give back to people dealing with a war-torn country.

“This was something that we felt like we could vacate a little bit of our shop time – a little bit of our time for social media and that kinda stuff to push this,” he said. “Just kinda try to bring our community together to help in a way that was more than we could do just on our own.”

The raffle winner will be announced on the evening of April 8th. To enter your donation in the coffee table raffle, click here.