TROY, OH (WDTN) — The City of Troy has made revisions to its designated outdoor refreshment area that go into effect tomorrow, expanding the area and the hours.

Rachel Brown, Owner of Stay Classy Boutique said, “We want our business on our own to be successful, but we want the businesses around us to grow. Just build up the community because it helps us all in the end.”

Troy introduced DORA in 2021, opening the door, and tab for patrons to walk around the downtown area and visit small businesses with a cocktail. The program has been a big hit so far, increasing foot traffic and bringing new people to the city.

Trina Wickline, Bar Manager at Submarine House said, “It’s definitely gotten us some new faces that have come in.

With input from local businesses, the DORA has expanded to 7 days a week, and will last from 11 AM until 11 PM, expanding the district by over 10 acres, a welcome sight to downtown businesses.

Charity Walls, General Manager at Agave & Rye said, “For us and for the city of Troy I really feel like it’s just going to be an overall great situation. It’s going to, again, pull in more sales, pull in more foot traffic. I know some of these local shops here in town, it’ll be a bonus for them.”

The program has been able to give small businesses and advantage downtown over big box chains who are not included in the DORA space.

Andrea Keller, Executive Director of Troy Main St. Inc. said, “We think that our small businesses are the best place to shop. And you’re right, it creates some fun. It makes it more fun. It’s probably more fun to go get your groceries at Haren’s than Walmart, especially if you can have a drink while you do it.”

The changes include adding over 160 acres of temporary DORA space for events but need City Council approval first.