TROY, Ohio (WDTN) — The Troy City Council declined to pursue an ordinance to outlaw abortion in the city and establish the city as a “sanctuary city for the unborn” Monday.

According to our partners at Miami Valley Today, William Lutz, president of the council, said two council members had asked him to add the item of discussion to the agenda prior to the meeting.

Several council members opposed pursuing legislation to establish Troy as a “sanctuary city for the unborn,” turning down requests from Troy resident Christopher Harshbarger and from David Enneking, president of the Miami County Right to Life, who advocated for legislation to outlaw abortion in the city.

“There’s a time for a secular and there’s a time for the evangelical, and our hats in this moment are the secular, so I am not in favor also in moving forward,” Bobby W. Phillips, fourth ward council member, said. Phillips also said the council did not have any intention “to follow through or instigate any type of ordinance or resolution by this body.”

The council did not have any official ordinance it was considering for adoption. The council members’ statements in opposition to pursuing legislation centered on the legality of that type of ordinance.

“There’s no definition of ‘sanctuary city’ under the Ohio Revised Code,” Jeffrey Schilling, sixth ward council member, said. “I challenge anyone to discover a legal definition that has been established by the state of Ohio. The ‘sanctuary city’ is a make believe, fairy tale, emerald city that has no legal basis and is only real in the minds of those who know they have no legal argument based on fact or current law.”

Lutz said the council has heard from a couple of residents regarding this issue at approximately the last five council meetings.