LOS ANGELES (WDTN) – A Bengals fan from Troy got recognized for being the designated driver after games with a free trip to the Super Bowl.

Troy resident Kelli Wilker said it came as a surprise when she received a text announcing if the Bengals won the AFC championship, not only would the Bengals be going to the Super Bowl, she would be too.

“At first I was like, is this even real, like there’s no way, that’s just crazy, but it’s real because we’re here,” Wilker said.

At the start of the season, Wilker pledged she wouldn’t drink at the games.

“They have a booth where you can sign up that you’re pledging to be the designated driver for your group, which I always am,” Wilker said.

In return, she got a free non-alcoholic drink at each game, and the trip of a lifetime.

At the end of the Bengals’ regular season, Wilker got a text announcing she was selected as the team’s Responsible Fan for the Season.

“I just thought that I was getting a token for a free pop at the concession stand, and I wound up with a whole trip to the Super Bowl,” Wilker said.

Wilker and her husband left Thursday for a free four-night stay in Los Angeles with tickets to watch the Super Bowl.

Both have been Bengals season ticket holders for 12 years.

Wilker said they’ve seen the good and the bad, but have always held out hope for a Bengals appearance in the Super Bowl.

“You just never know,” Wilker said. “You got to be a good team, but you also got to get a little lucky I feel like, you know, we had that this year.”

That little bit of luck fell not just in the Bengals’ favor, it fell in Wilker’s favor too.

“It’s been really exciting to watch, and it’s just crazy that we’re here and get to watch the Super Bowl in person,” Wilker said.

Wilker said she and her husband will spend the next few days sightseeing and going to concerts that also came with the trip. She said they have already ran into Bengals fans as they’ve explored LA.