TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) — A Trotwood parent is making a warning to parents whose children have been exposed to the Paqui hot chip at the center of an alarming trend. 

Paqui, also known as the One Chip Challenge is a new social media trend. A Massachusetts teenager died doing it.

Children and young adults are known to take a bite of the very hot chip, which is made from two of the world’s hottest peppers. Kids are taking on the dangerous trend see just how long they can go without any water.

Jazzilynn Cook visited the Speedway on Shiloh Springs Road to get Icee’s with her two children who are 5-years-old and 7-years-old. Her son initially noticed the Paqui chips, but Jazzilynn told him to leave them there. On the ride home, chaos broke out. 

“And as I was leaving, riding away, my daughter started screaming and I turned around, and they had the hot chip,” Cook said. “He started screaming.”

The worried mother says at that point, she took action.

“We rushed to the children’s hospital, which when we got there, my daughter, her breathing started messing up,” said Cook. “And they were screaming and she was gasping for air, and they hurried up and took them to the back and started working on them.”

Frank Farkash, the executive director of emergency services for Mercy Health in Springfield, says the trend is especially dangerous for small children.

“But certainly, the younger the child, the higher the risk is just because of the size of their body,” Farkash said. “They’re not able to absorb that that level of spice.”

Farkash is reminding parents what to do if their child is in distress from being exposed to these spicy foods. 

“Really, if a child was having any type of trouble breathing or any chest discomfort, pain in their chest, things like that, that they really need to call 911 and get that child to an emergency room to be evaluated,” Farkash said.

After the scare, Cook says she wants Speedway to take action to keep other kids safe. 2 NEWS received a statement from 7-Eleven, the parent company of Speedway.

“In response to recent reports, we voluntarily initiated immediate removal of this product from all stores,” 7-Eleven said. 

Jazzilynn says that her children are now back home and doing better.