DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Fire officials are continuing their investigation after heavy flames destroyed a historic Dayton home on Sunday morning.

The Traxler Mansion, featured on the National Park Service’s Register of Historic Places, has been a staple in the Dayton View District for over 100 years.

Neighbors told 2 NEWS that they are upset, saying they have called police dozens of times about people being on the vacant property when they shouldn’t be.

“I’m going to say over the last couple years, the city has been out here, I would say, 100 times to reboard,” Fred Holley, president of the Dayton View Historic Association, said.

Holley said the community did all they could to prevent the house from being harmed, adding that the community is feeling a hole where this 100-year-old property used to stand strong.

The property was just weeks away from potentially being sold at auction May 4, after the community found buyers who could afford to pay the hefty sum to restore the home.

“We had lined up a couple of viable buyers who had the resources to do a full restoration in which we had estimates that that would run somewhere close to $1,000,000,” Holley said.

Now, with the house destroyed, Holley said it will be difficult to find new buyers who are willing to make the repairs.

“We’re going to have to consider all our options and is still scheduled. The back taxes are still due, regardless of the condition of the property. It’s going to be difficult to find a buyer who is going to be interested in this point.”

You can listen to the 911 call about the fire released by authorities here.