DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — With temperatures warming, bicyclists are beginning to hit the trails and the roads for alternative transportation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) latest data in 2021, 30 bicyclists died in a crash in Ohio, a number that is nearly double the year before. If you haven’t hit the roadway, check over equipment before getting out.

Sandy Talley, owner of Whitman’s Bike Way Bike Shop, said, “Make sure they have their equipment safety checked and then proper clothing make sure that’s reflective. They can be well seen. Of course, wearing a helmet is keeping them safe. If something would happen.”

Motorists must share the roadway with bicyclists and Ohio law states drivers must give cyclists 3 feet of room when passing.

Talley said, “Slow down and, you know, be courteous. Know that the bike riders have rights to being on the roadway as well.”

Along with people crossing the road, motorists should watch out for cyclists crossing as well.

Darrell Hannah, Greene County Parks and Trails Chief Ranger, said, “Remind yourself that they are people that are on the bicycles, and they do cross the road all the time. So be very mindful when they pass the intersection on the road whenever possible.”

Not all communities have bike lanes for cyclists, but the Miami Valley does boast 350 miles of paved trails that can get you around the metropolitan area.

Talley said, “Try to hit our bike paths through the safest means of riding your bike.”

Bicyclists riding the roadway must follow the same laws as motorists, stopping at stop signs and giving way to people in the intersection.