TIPP CITY, Ohio (WDTN) — The Tipp City Board of Education approved a motion Monday to create a remote learning opportunity for the district. 

According to our partners at Miami Valley Today, the remote learning option will be offered through the Montgomery County Educational Service Center (MCESC). It will combine remote learning with live, Zoom-type classroom experiences with teachers from the MCESC for students in both Montgomery and Miami counties. 

“The students remain part of the Tipp City Schools — they remain students here in the Tipp City Schools — but their educational opportunities would be conducted by staff from the Montgomery County ESC,” Stefanik said.

Requests for remote learning opportunities have increased as the district’s COVID numbers have risen. According to the Ohio Department of Health, Tipp City Schools reported 15 new student cases and two new staff cases in the district last Thursday.

The district will have to apply through the Ohio Department of Education to create a remote learning site.  Additionally, the cost to the district is estimated to be $1,600 per student using the remote learning option. 

Parents who sign up for the remote learning opportunity would be committing for a semester, the program would be evaluated at the end of the first semester and the district would look for more interest going into the second semester.

“We needed to make sure we were structured better than how we were last year, so this is new, this is a little different but we’re building on what we did last year to support districts,” said MCESC Superintendent Shannon Cox.

175 students in Montgomery and Greene County School Districts are enrolled in virtual school through MCESC. Soon, Tipp City School Students within Miami County and more in Butler County School Districts may also have that option once an agreement is finalized.

“We do not exist to take learning opportunities away from teachers or teaching opportunities,” said Cox. “We are here to make sure we fill a need that districts can’t supply or need a better option to supply to families.”

Some residents who were indifferent to online learning say it’s a good idea to have in their back pocket for emergencies.

“Remote learning is better than nothing, it’s obviously not the same of having students in class and having interactions but it’s better than sitting at home, playing video games and not doing anything,” said Residents Gale & Carol Weisenbarger.

Other residents say online learning wouldn’t be an option for them.

“We’ve all have to settle down, come together and send our kids back to school,” said Tipp City School Parent Molly Winblad. “You have to be in a group, interact with your peers and when you stay home, it’s lazy. We need to get our kids out and integrate them into society.”

Tipp City Schools is still in negotiations with MCES but officials say they are nearing the end of final agreements. As of now, they don’t have a deadline to give to parents of when they could sign up but when it becomes finalized, you are encouraged to reach out to your respective principal for more information.

2 News reached out to Tipp City Schools District who declined to comment at this time. The next regular board meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 25 at 6 p.m. The board will also hold a work session on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 5 p.m.