Tipp City ‘Fairies’ delivering smiles during COVID-19 outbreak

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TIPP CITY, Ohio (WDTN) – If you’re wanting to put a smile on someone’s face in Tipp City or anywhere else in the Miami Valley during the COVID-19 outbreak, over 30 Facebook groups have found a way for you to deliver one.

Tipp City Fairies is one of several dozen area-based groups where people can sign-up to receive or deliver a gift bag of coffee, wine, liquor, candy or soda items.

Sarah Hunt, who is the administrators for the Tipp City Fairies Facebook Group, said the effort in Miami County began when several women started a Miami County group to deliver wine or coffee. The Miami County group – which has over 7,000 members – became so popular and too large to manage, so locals began breaking it down to areas in the county or towns.

“A couple of ladies were already doing it in Miami County,” Hunt told WDTN.com. “But I realized a lot of females in Tipp City weren’t getting recognized. That’s when I decided to do a Tipp City group. The others were doing coffee and wine. That’s where the idea came from. One of the girls from my work actually got wined, but the credit is due elsewhere. I don’t know who started it. But it grew into this huge thing that everyone wants to be a part of.”

A search for Miami County Fairies on Facebook found over 30 Facebook Fairy groups throughout the Miami Valley delivering everything from wine, coffee, toys for kids, items for pets and “beer gnomes and buds” for guys throughout the Miami Valley.

Hunt said as of Friday, 115 women had posted on the Tipp City page that they had received a delivery. She said over 200 women had signed up to do deliveries since the page started two weeks ago. Hunt said more items were added in case women were pregnant and were staying away from caffeine or alcohol, or if they had a taste for carbonated beverages like pop.

“It’s to put a smile on someone’s face,” Hunt said. “We don’t know what they are going through during this struggle. Just to let someone know that someone is thinking about them, we’re all in this together and hang in there. Here’s some wine to get you through or coffee to get you through.”

As of Friday, the group had a pool for the number of deliveries that were being made. Just the numbers in the Tipp City, Hunt said 115 that received one commented on the page. Of those who are out blessing – which is what they call delivering – about 200 have done a delivery for someone. Hunt said multiple women have taken on many multiple deliveries. She’s made 12 deliveries herself and said she had two others to make as of Friday afternoon.

“I think the majority of the people who are doing this get more joy out giving,” Hunt said. “I know that I do. When I see a post and someone says “I never thought I’d see something on my doorstep,” and you know it’s you who put that there, it gives you a sense of satisfaction.

“It doesn’t take much time. The hardest part is finding someone who hasn’t been beaned (delivered coffee) or whatever you want to do, and getting their address. It can get costly but to me, that doesn’t matter.”

Some groups are allowing people to nominate health care workers, particularly nurses or others on the frontline.

“One was a daughter who put their mother’s information on there,” Hunt said. “Someone made up a basket and took it to them.”

As of Monday, May 11, the following Facebook Fairy groups were active in the Miami Valley. If you want to participate in your area, click on one of the following links. If you would like your group listed, email b.j.bethel@wdtn.com:

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