WAYNE COUNTY, Ind. (WDTN) — An inmate in the Wayne County, Indiana Jail has died, after a “medical emergency.”

According to Wayne County Sheriff Randy Retter, 47-year-old Mica Shawn Griffith was an inmate at the Wayne County Jail in Indiana. He was put in the jail on Friday, Sept. 22 an outstanding warrant for failing to appear on an original charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

On the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 27, Griffith is believed to have caused intentional harm to himself.

“Griffith intentionally dove headfirst from the top bunk of the cell to the floor, causing a significant laceration to the top of his head,” Retter said. “He was taken to Reid Health for his head injury.”

When the inmate returned to jail, “suicide precautions” were activated to make sure the potential for further harm could be lowered.

It is reported by the sheriff’s office that Griffith was served lunch in his cell after returning. The inmate is allegedly seen in a video attempting to consume food.

“Security video later showed that Griffith shoved hotdogs and bread directly into his airway, which resulted in the choking incident,” said Retter.

Staff at the jail saw Griffith was experiencing a “medical emergency.” The staff then reportedly took action to try and clear his airway.

“Griffith had a blockage to his airway, and jail corrections and medical staff immediately acted to clear his airway pending the arrival of Richmond Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS),” said Retter.

The Wayne County Jail says the inmate had a pulse at the time medics arrived, but was not breathing independently. He was taken back to Reid Health, where he later died.

The inmate’s death remains under investigation.