DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Kettering Fairmont High School returned to the spotlight Wednesday after a Beavercreek man was arrested for making a threat against anyone at the school who identified LGBTQ.

According to Kettering City Schools, the high school received the threat via phone around 9 a.m. The school district said the threat was not towards one specific person, but a broad safety threat.

“Following district safety protocols, Fairmont’s on-site School Resource Officer was made aware of the phone call,” the district said.

Brandon Moore was charged Wednesday, May 3, 2023, with telecommunications and disturbing the peace violations after a caller to Kettering Fairmont High School threatened anyone identifying LGBTQ.

“KPD was able to determine immediately that the phone call had come from a location in Beavercreek and advised FHS Administration that maintaining a normal routine at the school would be helpful as they continued their investigation to identify the individual who had made the call.”

Authorities arrived at the school immediately to investigate, with increased patrols and building monitoring.

Kettering Police identified the caller around noon as Brandon Moore of Beavercreek, and his home and place of employment were identified.

In a release, police said Moore had been arrested and charged with telecommunications and disturbing the peace violations.

The school has been the focus of attention in the wake of two LGBTQ+ students being crowned king and queen at last month’s prom.

At a Kettering City School Board of Education meeting Tuesday evening, some community members attempted to make a repeat of that vote impossible. The board declined to act, instead allowing the student council to run the prom and its planning.

“In the wake of the threatening phone call today and the increased media coverage regarding Fairmont’s 2023 Prom Court, KPD will continue to provide additional police officer coverage at the high school for the foreseeable future to assist SRO Spinks in assuring the safety of all,” Kettering City Schools said.

Officers and authorities encourage people to contact law enforcement on any threat they hear regarding the safety concerns of anyone.