DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Election boards across the Miami Valley held a joint meeting Tuesday to discuss plans for upcoming elections. They’re preparing for the August 2 primary and a quick turnaround for the November general election.

Early voting for Ohio’s August 2 primary starts Wednesday at 8 a.m. Elections officials said it’s been a balancing act going from one election to the next.

“I really, really would love to see the voter turnout,” Greene County Board of Elections Director Alisha Beeler said. “This is this is a constitutional right that people have. It is the foundation of our republic.”

Voters could notice a few changes this primary. Ballots might list different district numbers and candidate names to reflect Ohio’s redistricted maps.

Some election boards in the Miami Valley also had to temporarily change polling locations for August 2 because their polling place wasn’t available due to other events. Affected voters will receive a notice in the mail with the new location.

Ohio awarded $25 million across the state for election boards to hold the special primary. To make up for some of the cost it takes to put on an election, counties are cutting back on the number of poll workers needed.

“We made the decision if we could reduce the amount of poll workers really focusing on those that are coming in for the August election, give them some extra training, we thought that would be a good use of the funding,” Montgomery County Board of Elections Director Jeff Rezabek said.

Elections officials also wanted to ensure voters that even with short notice and several changes, it will be a secure election.

“I believe that this is going to be a secure election and that voters can be secure knowing that their votes are being cast or counted just the way they cast them,” Miami County Board of Elections Director Laura Bruns said.

Election boards are expecting much lower voter turnout than a typical primary or general election. However, it’s important voters show up at the polls.

“This election is important,” Bruns said. “We’re election officials, we believe that every election is important and we are going to get ready for a 100% turnout regardless of expecting much less than that, you know. We plan for everybody to come and show up, we hope that everybody does.”

“It takes just as much effort to put on an election that’s going to have an 85% turnout versus one that’s going to have a 10% turnout,” Warren County Board of Elections Director Brian Sleeth said.

Elections workers said they’ve been working on elections non-stop for two years, and the pandemic and redistricting has brought many changes to the election process.

“While we are getting this election started, we have to start looking forward to November,” Preble County Board of Elections Director Lisa Boggs said. “It’s kind of like juggling or constantly.”

Absentee ballots will also be sent out starting Wednesday. If you plan to vote absentee, you’re asked to request a ballot at least a week prior to August 2 to ensure you receive it on time. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is July 30.

To look up your sample ballot, voter registration information or polling location, click here.