BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN)- The Greene in Beavercreek is a popular place for dining and shopping. It’s also where thieves chose to target Jennifer Angert. 

After a quick lunch at Panera Bread, she noticed her wallet had gone missing from her purse. She had just used it to pay for her meal. After asking management and searching the restaurant, it was nowhere to be found.

“I immediately called my bank and said ‘Hey, I need to cancel my accounts. I cant find my wallet.’ And while I was on the phone with them, the fraud prevention line called me,” Angert said.  

Fraud prevention said someone tried making a $9,300 purchase at The Greene’s Apple Store. They then a $2,500 purchase. When those were declined, another attempt was made at a Target Feedwire Roads. A $1,000 purchase was declined there. 

“From the time I purchased my food to the time my phone rang for the fraud prevention, it was around 11 minutes,” Angert said.

A Beavercreek police report said during one of those transactions a suspect had an identification card from a foreign country with Angert’s name on it. 

“It was very shocking to me. It was broad daylight, one o’clock in the afternoon and someone was brave enough to be within inches of me and put their hand in my purse,” Angert said. She said she was also surprised at how quickly an I.D. card was made with her name on it. 

A police report also said video from the Apple Store showed a dark haired woman and a 50-year-old white male trying to use angert’s credit card. The woman was wearing a pink dress and pink shoes. The man had on a baseball cap and a button down shirt. 

Angert said as a mother of small children, she’s usually aware of her surroundings. She doesn’t know what more she could have done. In the future, she said she might consider a cross body purse. She just hopes police can help put a stop to these theives. 

“Today, I’m picking up all the pieces from that and they’re just probably back at Panera doing it to someone else,” she said. 

If you’re wallet is ever stolen, fraud prevention experts recommend taking swift action like Angert and calling your bank immediately. Ask them to close your accounts and freeze your credit. Be sure your bank’s fraud department is aware of the theft. Like Angert did, be sure to promptly report the theft to police. 

2 News reached out to Panera Bread for comment and did not hear back.