DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Students at Harry Russell Elementary School had someone different serving them lunch on Thursday, April 13.

West Carrollton firefighters volunteered their time to serve lunch to the kids at Harry Russell Elementary School on Thursday. The firefighters served up chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries and fresh veggies along with good community interaction.

“A lot of times, the students, if they see us outside, it could be a bad day for somebody or a bad day for them and their family out in the community,” explained WC Fire Chief Josh Whitehead. ” So when they can see us in a positive – you know – smiling, serving them food and interacting with them out there, it’s great.”

And the kids were excited to see them as well.

“When I saw the firefighters, I was excited because they help a lot,” said one student, Gemma Mitchel.

On Tuesday, April 18, the firefighters will do this all again, bringing lunch to the kids at the Early Childhood Center on Pease Avenue.