DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -As the pandemic continues, many employers across The US and here in The Miami Valley are experiencing what some call ‘The Great Resignation,’ as employees quit their jobs or retire altogether.

“In the beginning, we saw a lot of older folks close to retirement age that retired. I think that wave is pretty much over at this point. Now, we’re seeing people in different age brackets that are either moving on, trying new industries or different jobs, or just choosing to not get back in the workforce period,” said BarryStaff President Doug Barry.

Barry says there are many reasons that people aren’t searching for jobs right now, and that many employers have come to him asking for help.

“Whether it’s because they’ve been able to acclimate their lives to the amount of money that they’re making whether it’s on unemployment or other means at this point. Then, there’s people scared to get back into the workforce. Worried about what’s coming next.”

However, not everyone is struggling to find employees during this difficult time. At The Yellow Cab Tavern and Pizza Bandit in Dayton, Tavern Marketing Developer Brian Johnson says they’ve had luck finding and keeping employees.

“We’ve always made sure to really listen and hear what our employees are saying. At some level we’ve found that through respect, through empathy, and listening that we’ve been able to maintain and even hire more as we move forward,” said Johnson.

For those employers not so lucky in finding employees, Barry says it’s all about planning.

“I’m a big believer that history repeats itself. While we haven’t had a pandemic of this sort that’s hit us before, everything does turn around. There will be a time when we have more employees than we do jobs.”