DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Thursday was filled with smiles and laughter, dedicated to offering support for individuals facing mental illnesses.

The Castle, an organization located in Centerville known for fostering trust and friendship among those affected by mental illness and disorders, hosts a tee ball game for its members each year.

The organization’s daily goal is to achieve their highest level of independence, but the goal today was simply to have some sensory-friendly fun on the diamond.

“To throw a ball at them, and to be able to coordinate, you know, like hitting the ball, we do more of a tee ball, and what we do is there’s first, second and third base, depending on where they hit it out to, and then they take that base,” Lisa Hansford, executive director, Friends of the Castle, said. “It’s very friendly ball game, very modified.”

Hansford said she hopes all attendees experience a profound sense of joy and belonging at this annual event.