CARLISLE, Ohio (WDTN) — A local teen took on a major project recently to become an Eagle Scout. Robbie Shull built an Octo-swing outside of his church in Carlisle.

“Imagining it isn’t as amazing as seeing it in person. And so being able to see it worked on in person throughout the year, it’s really awesome to be able to see it go up piece by piece,” said Shull.

The Octo-swing is eight swings organized in an octagon shape.

“Robbie went above and beyond on this project. The troop is very proud of him,” said Nile Adkins, Robbie’s step-dad and Scout Master of Miamisburg Troop 103.

Shull has been part of the troop for about seven years, and this project was a step towards becoming an Eagle Scout.

The Octo-swing is now a fixture outside of the Hillcrest Baptist Church in Carlisle.

“It serves a lot of purpose for the church and gives the opportunity to get out in the yard and just sit,” said Larry Lambes, senior pastor at the church. “In the fall we’ll do other things out here. We’ll have campfires. We’ll have moments to talk with each other.”

The project was about a year in the making with the idea, design, and planning. About 40 to 50 volunteers had a hand in the project. 

“I like working with my hands and have most of my life,” says retired structural engineer David Deal, one of the volunteers lending a hand. “Basically all I was involved with was the structural stability of what we wanted to design and make sure that it was functional.”

A few thousand dollars to construct, the funding was largely donated by church members.

“Having it here underneath all of the trees, as well as the fire pit there in the middle, allows for the ability to come out whenever really,” said Chris Bowles, associate pastor of families and youth for the church.

It’s a permanent community area outside the church for people to connect with nature and reflect.

“This is a prime example of someone, a teenager willing to work and go hard. He planned out the meetings. He planned out the finances. He planned out the workdays, got everybody gathered,” said Bowles.

“It’s really awesome just to see all that and take it in,” said Shull with a smile.