DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – As staffing shortages affect day-to-day operations across Miami Valley schools, some local districts have started new incentive programs to attract substitutes.

Both Tecumseh Local Schools and Springboro Schools have gotten creative this year when it comes to attracting more substitutes. Both raised pay significantly while one is using new legislation.

“We have moms who have heard their child is sitting in study hall for two or three periods a day due to no subs, we have retired police officers, veterans, we have recent graduates who are in college for education applying to our new positions,” said Tecumseh Local Schools Superintendent Paula Crew.

Fifty fully trained substitutes are serving Tecumseh Local Schools thanks to Senate Bill 1. The bill provides flexibility for school districts hiring substitutes. Tecumseh is temporarily removing their college requirement for the position, but people must complete extensive training and a background check. Now, they’re the second highest paid substitute position in Clark County.

“There were two days the week before Christmas and actually one day last week that we would have transitioned to virtual at Tecumseh if it wasn’t for these extra substitutes in our district,” said Crew.

Springboro Schools quickly jumped to the top of Warren County’s list for highest paid substitutes. 

With a substitute license and background check, their pay will increase from $100 a day to $125 a day. Substitutes who have the same assignment for 21-60 consecutive days will receive $125 a day while substitutes who have the same assignment for more than 60 consecutive days will receive $190 per day.

“It’s something that if you do have the time to do it and are willing to help out your community, schools need it right now,” said Springboro Schools District Communications Coordinator Scott Marshall. “We’ll take good quality people who are stepping up and willing to help in the classroom.”

Having substitutes ready to teach was already a problem before the pandemic. but has since become a blessing in disguise.

“We need help, we need help teaching our students right now because of the pandemic,” said Crew. “I’m extremely proud of this community, we had people who just stepped up.”

If you are interested in subbing at Springboro Schools, contact HR Assistant Kristen Black at or call (937) 748-3960, ext. 2040. You can also visit their website here. For Tecumseh Local Schools subbing positions, click here.