CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) — Superman Sammy is the epitome of Bengals pride.

Samuel Jones, or Superman Sammy, has spent the last three months in the hospital. He was born with a rare heart disorder and required open-heart surgery just hours after he was born. His heart started to fail back in November 2021. He is now waiting on a heart transplant and has to use a machine called a Berlin Heart to help him function.

“It’s hooked up to this thing here, and this does all the heart function for him and allowed all of his internal organs to recover. So as you can see he feels fine right now. But it’s all due to this amazing machine that’s giving us more time to find a heart for him,” Garland Jones, Sammy’s father, explained.

It has been a difficult time for his family. They constantly drive back and forth from their home in Huber Heights to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

“He wants to play, jump, and run, and he can’t. He can’t do any of that. He can’t get more than four feet away from the machine with his tube. He can’t leave the floor, he can’t go down stairs, he can’t see his little sister,” Garland said.

But this 3-year-old is a fighter and the Bengals going all the way to the Super Bowl is making his fight a little easier.

“The word got out that there is this 3-year-old up on the sixth floor that just won’t stop saying ‘Who Dey.’ It’s just been amazing how many people he has reached and touched, and it gets him excited. It’s something for him to look forward to,” Garland said.

Come Sunday, Sammy and his dad will be watching the Super Bowl from his hospital room, but there will be no shortage of Who Deys!

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Sammy’s family with his medical bills. To donate, click here. To learn more about Sammy’s Journey, click here.