CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) – A Huber Heights boy known as “Super Sammy” finally left the hospital after a successful heart transplant.

Sammy Jones was discharged from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Friday afternoon with his new heart after a seven-month stay.

“Amazing and surreal and still pinching myself because we’ve been here for so long,” Super Sammy’s father Garland Jones said.

Sammy was born with a rare form of hyperplastic left heart syndrome. At four years old, Sammy has undergone five open-heart surgeries, including a heart transplant last month.

Before Sammy and his family could officially leave the hospital, they had to move Sammy out of his hospital room.

“Mom’s got a cart, I’ve got a cart, we’ve got a stroller, a wagon, two kids,” Jones said. “It probably took 8, 9, 10 trips with a wagon.”

He’s not going home to Huber Heights just yet, the family will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati for two more months.

“We have to stay within 40 miles of the hospital, so we literally just walked out the door and walked across the street,” Jones said.

In just the 24 hours since leaving, Garland said they’ve been enjoying the little moments of normalcy.

“We went to the mall today, you know, we went out to eat last night, and he’s just loving life,” Jones said.

Garland said after months of being tethered to hospital equipment, Sammy can finally be a kid again.

“It’s the first time he can just run down the hallway in here,” Jones said. “It’s just awesome to watch. He’s doing great.”

Jones said leaving the hospital was a big moment because Sammy left with a new heart, and Jones left with a full heart from all the support Super Sammy received on his journey.

“We’re just grateful for any and everything,” Jones said. “For God’s grace, you know. We’re true believers, so faith was a huge, huge tool that got us through.”

Sammy isn’t done at the hospital just yet, his dad said he’ll be in and out for weeks with checkups, cardiac therapy and other appointments.

If he does well, he can return home, and then will have to remain within four hours of Cincinnati Children’s for one year.

You can follow Super Sammy’s journey on his Facebook page here.