DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A new study from said they’re seeing smaller cities experiencing a tremendous airfare increase this year compared to years before. If you’re looking for tickets out of Dayton International Airport, you’re feeling that impact.

The study shows Dayton International Airport has seen the biggest increase in the nation year-to-year, with prices up 42% – that’s a difference of $109 per ticket.

The study determined there are significant variations depending on where you live. They concluded that bigger cities are experiencing smaller increases in airfare and the smaller cities are feeling a more serious squeeze. But, they note even larger airports are seeing the increase.

Dayton International released this statement regarding the airfare increase:

“The average fares around the U.S. are still recovering to pre-pandemic levels. Air carriers price airline tickets using a complex dynamic yield management system, using supply (available seats) and demand of passengers to set and adjust fares.”

Linda Hughes, Dayton International Airport

Local experts said smaller cities are seeing the biggest increase due to airline companies prioritizing larger markets due to supply chain shortages among other factors.

“The airline companies are thinking about who’s going to travel the most between where and where, we have to allocate our resources because of cost increases,” said Dr. Marc Clauson with Cedarville University. “The lesser places will see a reduction in roots which we’re already seeing, another reason for that is not having as much manpower.”

The study included 128 million airfares in cities across the U.S.

On top of increasing flight tickets, the pain at the gas pump is becoming unbearable for many families. Dr. Clauson believes prices will continue to rise to meet the demand as more families hit the road to travel this summer.

Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine is a major reason that gas prices are continuing to rise, but it’s not the only reason for the spike. AAA announced the national average hit $4.91 Tuesday, which is 30 cents higher than last week and 61 cents higher than last month. Currently, 14 states currently have a gallon of gas average over $5 dollars. 

Dr. Clauson believes the oil industry is facing supply chain and hiring challenges, making it impossible to drill fast enough to produce more oil.

“All possible methods of production should be allowed at this point even if it’s just temporary,” said Dr. Clauson. “Allow more refineries to be built, allow more drilling, experiment on alternative possibilities, nothing wrong with that, if we end up finding something cheaper in the long run that’s fine.”

Ohio’s average gas price is estimated to be $4.96.