SIDNEY, Ohio (WDTN) – Two students have been charged following a string of bomb threats at Sidney Middle School.

A fifth-grade girl was charged with one count of disorderly conduct on May 9 and now a second student has been charged. An eighth-grade girl was charged with inducing pain.

On Monday, May 9, a note with a bomb threat was found in the fifth-grade girls’ bathroom, Sheriff Jim Frye said. The Sidney Daily News reported that this was only the most recent in a string of threats made against the school.

Tuesday, May 3:

The Sidney Daily News said that the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office was called after writing was found in the fifth/sixth-grade bathroom stall at Sidney Middle School. Explosive detection dog teams were called after students were evacuated to Sidney Might School. While nothing unusual was found, classes were canceled for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, May 4:

Deputies cleared the building before the school day began and searched the backpacks of all students as they arrived. While no threat was found, another writing was discovered in the eight-grade girls’ bathroom saying that something would happen on Friday, May 6.

Thursday, May 5:

Deputies cleared the building and searched students’ backpacks again. That day, two paper notes were found in both the eighth-grade and seventh-grade boys’ bathrooms.

After the first note was found, students were relocated to the stadium while deputies searched the building. The school was deemed safe and students returned to class.

Since the building had already been searched, students remained in class under lockdown when the second note was found. The school was searched a third time, and nothing was found out of place.

Friday, May 6:

Deputies once again cleared the school building before classes and searched all students’ backpacks prior to entry. The Sidney Daily News said a note was later found written on a piece of tape in the seventh-grade girls’ bathroom. After yet another search, no threats were found.

Monday, May 9:

Another note was found in the fifth-grade girls’ bathroom. Deputies checked the building and, as with the other days, no threat was found.

An investigation showed that the student who wrote Monday’s note was also the one who reported it to authorities. After detectives spoke with the juvenile prosecutor, the student was charged with disorderly conduct.

“I would like to thank Superintendent Bob Humble, the entire staff of the middle school for all their assistance during these incidents. I would also like to thank Lima Fire Department and the Allen County Sheriff’s Office for providing their explosive dog teams and their expertise with threats of this nature,” said Sheriff Frye.  

An investigation into all the notes was run throughout the week and included taking handwriting samples from several students to be sent to the BCI&I for comparison. According to the Sidney Daily News, one student took a Computerized Voice Stress Analysis test which he passed, indicating that he had not written any of the notes.

While one student has been charged concerning Monday’s note, this investigation is still ongoing.

“As the investigation continues, if there are any more notes, we will actively investigate and see that those person(s) are charged,” Frye said.

The Sidney Daily News contributed to this article