DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The city of Dayton is getting a new business that will help set aspiring entrepreneurs up for success. 

Dayton entrepreneur and community event planner, Tae Winston, opened the doors to The Entrepreneurs Connection Tuesday evening in hopes of guiding others through the complex start-up process.

“I was an entrepreneur at one time that didn’t have help, and there was no one,” she said. “I had to read up on things and I was self-taught. I kind of don’t want entrepreneurs that are coming out today to have to deal with what I did. So I’m just trying to bridge that gap and be that support person that they’ve been needing.”

The facility includes classrooms, a co-working space, a podcasting room and a café. 

Pamela Cone, founder and CEO of Curated Spaces, LLC and business advisor for the Entrepreneur Connection, said foundational courses will be taught in modules in the new space. 

“I would say the crux of the issue would be mainly having the confidence to actually launch and go out on your own to achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams and to monetize. Business owners have a difficult time – especially new entrepreneurs- realizing that they need to make money. And so that financial piece and how to monetize and how to scale and be more profitable is really a big issue.

Cone said modules will be taught in the frame of two weeks and will consist of Thursday and Saturday classes. 

Winston said additional educators from across the state, including Public Health – Dayton and Montgomery County, have also signed on to teach relevant courses, such as food safety. 

To sign up, or to learn more information about upcoming classes and how to use the space, click here