SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – A Springfield Catholic school went into lockdown Tuesday morning after police received a hoax call concerning an active shooter.

Catholic Central School posted on Facebook Tuesday saying that Springfield police were called to the school for a lockdown situation around 9:56 p.m. Within two minutes of the initial call, police were on the scene and before an hour had passed, officers had secured the building and determined that the call was a prank.

“If there’s any good that came out of this, it was our ability to see how we actually responded to one that wasn’t a drill and how we were able to pull all of the resources together and work with everything that we have,” Cpt. Mike Kranz with the Springfield Police Division said.

Classes were canceled for the day and parents were directed to St. Bernard’s Catholic Church to pick up their students. Authorities said the school staff and Springfield Police worked together to get all students home safely.

“The one thing that we want to make sure is these kids in each family know that, you know, we’re fighting hard for them and that we’re going to keep training up and we’re going to keep vigilant in safety,” Catholic Central School President Mike Raiff said.

Just over a month ago, Catholic Central School was one of several involved in a rash of fake active shooter threats. Other Miami Valley schools involved were Princeton High School in Cincinnati and Belmont High School in Dayton.

While the calls made a month ago were part of the many calls made across the country, officials said Tuesday’s incident was limited to Catholic Central School.

At this time, authorities have not identified where the call came from. Police said they are in contact with telephone companies and other sources to determine who started the false alarm.

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