SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — A Springfield family got the surprise of a lifetime tonight after a viral social media post made its way around the community, gathering support from hundreds of residents.

“That was awesome,” said PJ Grandinette.

A surprise of a lifetime left the Grandinette family speechless, receiving a welcome home parade after a scary time for their 9-year-old son PJ.

“I’m just amazed at the amount of people that care about what he’s been through, care about our family and want to show support,” said PJ’s mother Kimberly Grandinette.

Kimberly says they became aware of serious internal organ issues while PJ was in utero and his journey has been anything but easy.

“His liver degraded over the last year, we almost lost him in September to a liver infection that spread and at that point it was either a transplant or we would lose him,” said Kimberly.

The mastermind behind the entire surprise was Springfield resident Casey Tingley. After reading PJ’s story on social media, it inspired Casey to give PJ memories he will have for a lifetime.

“I have kids of my own and if you have kids too, you know it’s just hard to imagine this happening to your own and it just touched my heart,” said Tingley.

Tonight, PJ will sleep soundly in his own bed after being in the hospital for 33 days.

“Being a liver donor or any kind of donor can save some kid’s life, like mine,” said PJ

The next step on PJ’s journey is eventually a kidney transplant, but for now they are glad to be under one roof as a family.