DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)- Drivers who commute through a south east Dayton neighborhood will have to keep a closer eye on their speeds. Cameras set up on the 900 block of Wilmington Avenue are waiting for speeders.

Matthew Coppock has lived in the neighborhood for four years. He said Wilmington Avenue is a busy street where cars tend to go fast.

“Right now, they speed up here. They’re going way more than 35 miles per hour,” Coppock said. 

There are now two new mobile speed enforcement trailers set up on his block. One points northbound and the other points south.

Coppock is not sure residents will like the idea very much. 

“Right now, people don’t have extra money. You’re going to lose a whole lot more money than anything else. So, right now if you don’t have money it’s not a good at all,” he said. 

The Dayton Police Department said there is no warning period for these cameras. That means drivers could get a citation as early as Monday. 

While some drivers may not like the idea, Dayton police say the goal is to slow people down and avoid accidents. 

A third speed camera remains on the 3300 block of North Main Street in Dayton.