BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) — The family of a missing Beavercreek man is searching for answers after their father went missing over a month ago.

78-year-old Robert Hageman went missing on January 30, 2023. His license plate was captured at the intersection of Trebein Rd. and U.S. 35 around 6:15 p.m. His car was found a day later on along U.S. 127 a few miles south of Celina in Mercer County. The car was out of gas and the hazard lights were on.

His son, Robert, said he is in the early stages of dementia, but he can still get around on his own.

“He can double check you on your math and he’ll catch you. He’s in pretty good shape, I think. He can drive a car and get himself around where he needs to go. He’ll go to McDonald’s, get lunch, come on back home,” Robert said.

His family is growing worried with each day he is not found. They do not know why he was out driving that late on Jan. 30th, or why he would go to Mercer County.

“We think maybe he might have gotten in his car and stayed out a little too late, and got caught in the darkness and then just couldn’t find his way home. And it’s more the light that bothers him than it is dementia,” Robert said.

They are now hoping someone will come forward with answers. His daughter, Donna Howard, believes someone knows something about his disappearance.

“Somebody out there knows…somebody out there saw him that evening, we believe. And we just need them to come forward,” Howard explained.

Investigators have searched the area where his car was found; EquuSearch was even called in to help, but there has been no trace of him.

His son believes he could have been picked up by someone driving along U.S. 127.

“He could be traveling with someone in a semi-truck. We were thinking maybe an independent truck owner might be taking him back and forth as company,” Robert said.

The waiting has been agony for his family members. Howard said they just want to know what happened.

“It’s very frustrating. We tend to work through our problems though, so to keep your mind off of things, you work. So I mean, outside of all the tears and frustrations, we’re just worried about him and we’d like him to be returned home,” Howard said.

Investigators have not received any new leads, but his family is holding on to hope that one day soon they will be reunited with their father.

“The rest of us are staying business. I mean, we’re trying to be business focused, and it’s our belief that he’s still alive that is keeping us positive. We really do believe he’s out there,” Robert said.

Hageman’s family believes he could look different. They think he will be a lot thinner and his clothes will be baggy. They also think his hair and beard will be grown out. Hageman also has diabetes and does not have his medication. His son said he loves McDonald’s.

If you know something about Hageman’s disappearance, or believe you have seen him, call the Beavercreek Police Department at (937)-426-1225.