DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton city commissioners Darryl Fairchild and Shenise Turner-Sloss spoke to the public on Friday, following remarks from Dayton Mayor Jeffrey Mims, Jr., commissioners Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw on Thursday afternoon.

The comments from Thursday, along with remarks on Friday, come as the 2023 budget is left in question. At the city commission meeting held Wednesday, Dec. 7, both Fairchild and Turner-Sloss abstained from the 2023 budget vote, which meant it could not be passed.

Dayton Mayor Mims said in his remarks on Thursday the city will come to a halt and the city will experience a 30-day delay if the budget does not pass.

Fairchild and Turner-Sloss spoke at 1 p.m. in the city commission chambers in Dayton on what they say they believe the budget is missing.

Shenise Turner-Sloss spoke on the issue that areas of concern have been raised before to multiple city of Dayton representatives.

“Let me be clear, we have communicated our concerns in our budgets and our priorities from the beginning, very beginning since January when I was elected. I have a biweekly meeting with the city manager and I’ve been in office for 11 months now,” Turner-Sloss said. “These areas have been raised to the awareness of my colleagues and the city manager for quite some time.”

Turner-Sloss said that her concerns she has brought up to the members have been written and verbally.

Commissioner Fairchild says, “Here’s what they’re going to do, we’ve seen it already. Instead of dealing with our issues, they’re going to try to attack us and they’re going to try and blame us. The next thing they’re gonna do is peel one of us off and put one of us against each other, so they can get that fourth vote.”

At Friday’s speaking event, some city of Dayton employees spoke directly to the two commissioners on their concerns regarding the potential shutdown of the city and had the opportunity to ask questions.

“I’m a city of Dayton employee, street maintenance. I’m the vice president of AFSCME local. What we’re hearing down at the yard is… we’ll be out, no money…no medical,” a city of Dayton employee said.

Turner-Sloss said they are asking for access, accountability and transparency, in addition to it being a “manufactured emergency”.

An audience member spoke to the two commission members and recommended a change regarding community input.

What we need to do is have community folks being a part of this, because the problem is, you can’t make decisions for us without us,” Mr. Owens said. “That’s the problem now. You’re making decisions for us, without us, and we’re not going to have it anymore.

Mr. Owens

Owens closed his statement by telling the commission that the public is the body that voted the members into office and can vote them out.

The full LIVE event can be seen in the video player above.