ENDICOTT, N.Y. (Ohio) — A Halloween display in New York has drawn inspiration from a Miami Valley gargoyle that went viral after a neighbor took up issue with him.

Like Frank the Gargoyle, Boris the Skeleton is helping raise money for charity after someone complained about him.

“Everyone was talking about it, and it was so crazy. We couldn’t believe how big and famous Boris got so fast!” exclaims Samantha Dalla-verde, one of the owners of Boris.

Standing at 12 feet tall, the larger than life skeleton is making a larger than life impact.

“If they didn’t write us that letter, Boris would’ve came down,” says Scott Varcadipane.

Scott Varcadipane and Samantha Dalla-verde bought Boris in 2020 to decorate their yard for Halloween. He came down after the holiday, but the couple decided to put him back up several weeks later for some holiday cheer for Scott.

“Scott really wanted to put him back up at Christmas. Last year Scott was in a very bad electrical accident at work, and he had significant medical issues relating to that. So I was like, you know what, if you want to put up the skeleton at Christmastime let’s do it,” says Samantha.

They resurrected the skeleton in December.

“He was supposed to be like the Grinch pulling lights off our display,” describes Samantha. “Santa and the elves were the main focus of our display.”

But not everyone found it humorous.

“The day after Christmas we got a letter in the mail signed a concerned citizen that we must’ve forgotten some of our Halloween decorations outside during Christmas, and that it ruined Christmas for them., and they were really bothered by the fact that our skeleton was out, and that we should take it down,” said Samantha.

The couple took the letter and ran with it, refusing to take their skeleton down.

“When we put him out and got the nasty letter, people were like ‘Oh my gosh! You guys are like Frank the Gargoyle! His neighbors complained about him too’,” says Samantha. “That’s kind of where we got our idea. We put up a giant sign with our 12 foot skeleton that said ‘Dear Karen, My name is Boris, and I love all holidays now. And Boris has been up ever since.”

As the calendar changes, so does Boris. The couple has decorated for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and other occasions. Each month he changes outfits and charities, raising money for causes and organizations, similar to Frank the Gargoyle.

“We try to pick fundraisers that are near and dear to our family,” says Samantha.

The couple has collected money for autism awareness, brain cancer awareness, the Alzheimer’s Association, and an animal sanctuary, among other nonprofits.

Frank is in Ohio; Boris is in New York; and while both creatures are more than 500 miles apart, they both have the same mission–to bring in the bucks for good causes while bringing in a little happiness to the world.

Boris has raised more than $18,000 so far. For the month of October, Boris’ donations will go to breast cancer awareness.