SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – The family of the Springfield woman who died inside the home where Deputy Matthew Yates was killed is speaking out for the first time about what let up to that day and what still needs answered.

Information is still limited on what led to the deaths of Deputy Matthew Yates, 47-year-old Jodie Arbuckle and 27-year-old Cole White inside the Springfield home.

Jodie Arbuckle’s sister, Deanna Arbuckle, reached out to 2 NEWS to share her sister’s story.

Deanna Arbuckle describes Jodie Arbuckle as a mother, sister, friend, soulmate and advocate dedicated to helping others.

“I hear a lot of people when they have kids talk about, ‘oh, god, I would do anything for my kids,’ and she literally gave it all and it still wasn’t enough,” Deanna Arbuckle said.

Deanna Arbuckle said several years ago Jodie Arbuckle’s son, Cole White, went to his mother for help for his mental health.

“He went into the mental health system and he was in for a few days and he was then discharged for outpatient therapy,” said Deanna Arbuckle.

Deanna Arbuckle said after that, White’s mental health worsened and he isolated himself from his family.

She told 2 NEWS his friends and family continued to try and connect with him, especially in those days leading up to July 24.

“They climbed up on ladders to look in windows to try and see him, and he appeared lifeless on the floor, and so Jodie went,” Deanna Arbuckle said.

On the morning of Sunday, July 24, Deanna Arbuckle spoke with her sister who said she was concerned for White’s wellbeing. She said Jodie Arbuckle climbed through the window of White’s mobile home.

“She was on the phone with somebody, as she went through, and every step she took, she just asked him to please let him know, let her know he was okay,” Deanna Arbuckle said. “If he would say that he was there, he was okay, he was alive, she would give him space, but she needed to know.”

Today, we do not know exactly what happened inside that trailer. We do know that Deputy Yates was shot and killed, and Jodie Arbuckle and Cole White’s bodies were later found inside the burned out trailer.

Deanna Arbuckle said she continues to call the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, who is looking into the case, but still has no answers.

“The answers may not help, but I don’t even know how my sister died,” Deanna said. “I don’t know how to find peace until I can process that.”

Deanna Arbuckle said she wants her family’s story to draw attention to the importance of mental health. She’s not sure if more help for White would have made a difference that day, but she believes more mental health resources are needed.

“Mental health problems are not just impacting the person who has the diagnosis,” Deanna Arbuckle said. “It’s very clear it’s impacting the families, the friends, the neighbors, the community, you know, the world And something needs to change because we need more help when it comes to that mental health system.”

White’s mobile home is now gone. Only a memorial Deanna Arbuckle’s family members and a memorial for Deputy Matthew Yates is left.

Deanna Arbuckle said just as her family grieves for Jodie Arbuckle and Cole White, they’re devastated over the loss of Deputy Yates who was doing his job to help Jodie.

“He broke through a steel door to try to get to my sister,” Deanna Arbuckle said.

2 NEWS reached out to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to see if there was any update on the case at this time and were told it remains an ongoing investigation.