DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Sinclair Community College has been recognized as one of America’s Best Online Learning Schools of 2022 by Newsweek.

According to Sinclair, the college was ranked 104 out of 150 colleges and universities in the nation offering online degree programs—including hybrid programs with online and offline courses or exams.

“This designation is especially meaningful because it reflects the positive experiences of students who have benefitted from the innovative work of Sinclair’s eLearning Division,” said Dr. Christina Amato, Dean – Sinclair College eLearning Division.

The college said the eLearning Division has been the recipient of numerous awards including Ohio’s Best Online Community College Programs by Premium Schools in 2021, the Innovation of the Year through the League of Innovation, Bellwether, AECT HERO Award and ITC’s Excellence in eLearning Awards.

According to Sinclair, the college offers 61 fully online programs and over 300 online courses, including most general education courses and many core-specialized program courses.

Based on an online survey among United States residents who have used online learning services, Newsweek and Statista selected America’s Best Online Learning Schools. In the survey, respondents indicated which institutions they used to get an online degree and were asked to rate their experiences with the institutions based on several criteria. Respondents were then asked how to indicate their satisfaction with the institution and the likelihood they would recommend it to others, said Sinclair. Statista surveyed over 9,000 people between July 26 and Sept. 13, 2021.