DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Sinclair Community College said Wednesday in a release it has donated more than 11,000 individual PPE items and 500 individual items of medical supplies to local hospitals.

Sinclair said it made the donations in response to the expected surge of COVID-19 cases in Ohio and to meet the critical need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical supplies. The college is also preparing to transfer nine ventilators, four cardiac monitors and an additional number of respiratory units to area hospitals.

Dr. Steve Johnson, President of Sinclair College, said, “Our mission is the same as it was when David A. Sinclair, first offered education to local citizens in 1887, “To find the need and endeavor to meet it.” When the needs of our community change, Sinclair responds accordingly.

These are challenging times and we’re glad to be able to provide our local hospitals with the critical medical supplies and equipment needed during this time.”

“The leadership team at Sinclair has been working together around the clock, every day, over the past few weeks, following directives from the Governor, national, state and local leaders. Our goal is to help “flatten the curve” and we are committed to keep our students and this community safe. These are difficult times and all of us at Sinclair are prepared to do whatever it takes to get through this.”