DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Employees of Sinclair College just proved how much they believe in the mission of the school.

Sinclair said Thursday its employees set a new record by contributing more than $100,000 to the Sinclair Foundation’s annual giving campaign during the months of September and October.

The college said more than 550 Sinclair employees participated in this year’s campaign. Over the past year, the Sinclair Foundation has established several new funds to address students’ needs including food insecurity, equity, and anti-racism.   

“Throughout the global pandemic, Sinclair’s faculty and staff never lost sight of our mission to find the need and endeavor to meet it. They give of their time and talents to ensure our students receive quality, affordable education and services and they give from their hearts to ensure additional needs are met,” said Dr. Steve Johnson, President of Sinclair Community College.   

Sinclair said over the past five years, its employees have raised more than $450,000 helping to provide hundreds of scholarships, emergency funds, and program development aid across campus. During last year’s campaign, 500 employees donated more than $80,000. 

The Sinclair Foundation’s mission is to keep higher education accessible through student scholarships and to help Sinclair remain among the nation’s leading community colleges.  To learn more about scholarships and programs through the Sinclair Foundation, call 937-512-2510 or visit the website at