DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — More than 500 people are getting their groove on right now to celebrate two years of Silent Disco at Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton.

The popular event started as an effort to keep local businesses and artists afloat during the pandemic. Now, hundreds of people flock to it every month.

When you think of DJs, high energy, good vibes and loud music bouncing off the walls may come to mind. For Silent Disco at Yellow Cab Tavern, that last part looks a little different. Instead, dancers put on headphones and choose their own music to get down to.

“Your headphones are glowing the color of the DJ you’re listening to,” John Chapel, Silent Disco DJ for the red channel, said. “So, we’re all constantly just trying to steal people from each other. It tends to be really fun and goofy.”

Don’t worry though — John Chapel, Kim Luc and Dylan Adams are all friends just trying to convince you to pick their channel.

Listeners can choose between modern hip-hop and pop on the red channel, electronic dance music on the green channel and throwback genres on the blue channel.

DJ Dylan Adams said he wants his listeners to sing along and enjoy the experience.

“You know when you have the headphones, you can take them off and talk to the people around you or turn down the volume, and you don’t have to be blasted over,” Adams said. “Really, I just want I want everyone to have as much fun as I’m having.”

When the event first came to Yellow Cab in 2021, the DJs say about 200 people came to party. Now, Silent Disco is packed every month.

The DJs welcome all to the dance floor and encourage newcomers to give Silent Disco a chance.

Thanks to the event’s popularity in the Dayton area, event organizers are looking to bring it to Columbus and Cincinnati in the future.

You can learn more about Dayton’s Silent Disco events here.