DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – WDTN has obtained the 911 call that Lashonda Childs made yesterday before she was shot. We’re choosing not to play the audio because she was a minor, but we can tell you much of what she said.

Dayton Police responded Tuesday to a house on Shoop Avenue for an alleged violation of a protection order. That matches with Childs’s 911 call, in which she tells the dispatcher: “This dude’s got a gun pointed to my boyfriend. I got a restraining order on him. The police told me to call them when I see him.”

Later in the call she says: “I can’t talk! I am in a bad situation! People can’t talk in every situation! Officer, send somebody. I got a protection order against this dude and he’s got a gun.”

Childs was shot at 2:20 pm Tuesday, was taken to the hospital before police arrived on scene, and was pronounced dead at 1:20 am Wednesday morning.

Her brother is calling for justice. Jaylon Childs says, “I just hope he gets what’s coming to him. That’s about it. I just hope justice is served, the right way.”

Dayton Police confirm the boyfriend referenced in the 911 call was not shot during the incident. Montgomery County is not releasing a copy of the alleged protection order. A suspect is in custody, but we aren’t naming him until he’s formally charged. That suspect is scheduled to be in court tomorrow at 1:45 pm.