RICHMOND, Ind. (WDTN) – It’s been five weeks since Richmond Police Officer Seara Burton was shot in the line of duty.

Seara Burton’s grandmother, Jacque Burton, spoke to 2 NEWS to share Seara’s story and how her family is dealing with the tragedy.

“I just really want other people to understand that even though she is an officer and very proud of being one, she’s just another human being too,” Jacque Burton said.

Jacque Burton said her granddaughter started her career at the Wayne county jail, she later went through the police academy, and was hired to the Richmond Police Department. She’s been at her dream job for four years.

“The last time I talked to her, I said, ‘Well, are you still loving your job?’ and she goes, ‘I don’t love every part of it, but then who does?'” Jacque Burton said. “‘But she said, I wouldn’t be anything other than a police officer.'”

Jacque Burton said Seara Burton is more than just the badge she wears each day. She is her oldest grandchild, and the oldest of three sisters. She grew up playing basketball. She has a great sense of humor.

“She loves dancing, she loves laughing, she loves music,” Burton said.

Jacque Burton said this year, Seara was the happiest she’s ever seen her.

“She got to be a K-9 officer, which was a huge goal of hers, and then she got engaged and they were planning their wedding and their honeymoon and just their future together,” Jacque Burton said. “She was absolutely on cloud nine.”

Seara’s plans for the future were dashed on August 10, when she was shot in the line of duty responding to a traffic stop.

Many were concerned she would not make it through the night, but she did spend three weeks at Miami Valley Hospital fighting for her life.

She was removed from life support on September 1, but she started breathing on her own.

Jacque Burton said now her family is praying for another miracle.

“I believe the fact that she started breathing on her own was one of his miracles already,” Jacque Burton said. “I tell him every day, over and over again. I know you can, if it’s your will.”

She told 2 NEWS her family is overwhelmed by the love and support from the community since day one.

“Thank you,” Jacque Burton said. “Thank you so much. And please, if you would, continue your prayers. She’s a fighter. We just need to fight beside her.”

Jacque Burton said what happened to Seara in the line of duty should not have, and now she’s writing to state and local lawmakers, asking for laws to be strengthened and changed to prevent this from happening to another police officer or community member. She is encouraging others to do the same.