MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WDTN) — Two weeks ago, we told you about the Wrestle Against Autism tournament and how it raises money to help families with kids on the Autism spectrum.

The tournament was held this past Sunday. 540 wrestlers took part, and organizers say they raised more than $25,000.

In this week’s edition of “Tell Me Good News,” we introduce you to one boy whose life has changed dramatically as a result of some of those donations.

10-year-old Dallas Pierce was in his element at his birthday party. It wasn’t just celebrating a birthday, though. The party was celebrating a new partnership: Dallas and his service dog, Sprinkle.

“Whenever I get sad, she goes near me,” Dallas said of Sprinkle.

Dallas has autism. His mom, SaVanna, wasn’t sure if he’d ever talk. But long before Dallas ever met Sprinkle, she was already helping him overcome hurdles.

“He was six,” SaVanna recalls. “I would carry him into places because he was still just a little guy. My baby. And I would talk for him a lot. And then somewhere along the fundraiser he just found his voice.”

You see, service dog families are required to raise money to pay for their animal and its training. Sprinkle came from Four Paws for Ability and cost $17,000. SaVanna says Dallas started talking as he tried to explain to people why he needed Sprinkle, asking for their donations. Over the course of the fundraiser—and especially since finally getting Sprinkle in January—the changes have been astounding.

“Now he talks,” SaVanna says. He’s caught up academically. He reads to his puppy almost every night. He’s just come so far.”

So far, that he now helps other kids find their voice, with Sprinkle by his side.

“I just feel bad that they cant talk,” Dallas said.