NORTHRIDGE, Ohio (WDTN) – School districts across the state are reporting a shortage of substitute teachers, including in the Miami Valley.

Northridge Local Schools only has 13 substitute teachers on their list, that’s just above half of what they’d have for a typical school year.

“We’re at an all-time low, actually, historically, in my 20 years in the district,” superintendent David Jackson said.

Jackson said Northridge needs up to a dozen more substitute teachers for the year.

He said fears over contracting COVID-19 and virtual learning have been major detractors.

“All these new learning processes that we’ve put our staff through with the Google tools, etc., that just adds another element of uncertainty and unknown,” Jackson said.

The district has a listing on the Dayton Area School Consortium website hoping to find new applicants.

“We’ve also been reaching out to former substitute teachers who have worked for the district and just trying to raise our numbers a little bit,” Jackson said.

Northridge isn’t the only district in the Miami Valley in search of subs, the Consortium website is full of listings from several school districts.

With coronavirus concerns and flu season approaching, Jackson said substitute teachers are needed now more than ever.

“We would encourage people who are interested to reach out,” Jackson said. “We’re happy to train them up and prepare them and help them find success.”

A post-secondary degree is required to qualify for a substitute teacher license, and the first step to become one is to apply for the position through the district.