DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Hundreds of people flocked to Dayton this week to snag the final bags of Mikesell’s chips made at the Miami Valley facility.

After more than 112 years of being made in Dayton, Mikesell’s announced that they would be selling their brand to Conn’s Potato Chip Co. at the beginning of this month.

Mikesell’s chips are now being produced by the Conn’s company in Zanesville.

However, the company announced that the brand will be selling discounted cases of their chips for $20 while supplies last this Thursday and next Monday in Dayton.

A majority of the individuals who showed up at Thursday’s sale waited for over 2 hours to get their chips, and many said it was well-worth the wait.

“Oh yeah. I left the house at 9 o’clock.,” Cindy Burden said, as she waited in line. ” I said, ‘I’ll be there’.”

Longtime customer Craig Cortner said he even travels with his chips. “These are the best chips in the country,” Cortner said. “I travel with ’em.”

Mosley Sharon, a 15-year employee of Mikesell’s, said that she is honored that she got to work for such a fair company. She said she is in awe of just how many people came out to support the company as it said its goodbyes.

“I can’t believe all these people wanting these chips,” Sharon said. “It’s wonderful that they still love these chips that much.”

The final day of the sale will be Monday, March 6. Mikesell’s will be set up at 1610 Stanley Avenue near North Keowee Street from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.