VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) — The video of the trick-or-treater from Vandalia who put his own candy in an empty bowl on Halloween has gone viral, and his good deed has attracted the attention of one high-profile celebrity.

Dylan Suiter is nine years old and loves playing hockey. He’s a fourth grader at St. Charles in Kettering, and he never expected a message from actor Ryan Reynolds. 

“That wasn’t why I did that,” modestly shrugs Dylan. 

The actor sent Dylan a video message following his act of kindness. 

“My instant thought is, holy cow Ryan Reynolds sent a private video,” beams Dylan’s mom Sarah. “And of course I listened to it even before I got Dylan.”

Dylan was trick-or-treating in his Vandalia neighborhood on Halloween when he went up to one door and found an empty candy bowl. Before walking away, he did a little dance and decided to dump a handful of his own candy into the bowl. 

“I wanted other kids to go up and get candy without going up and coming back with nothing. And I just wanted to be nice,” says Dylan. 

Dylan’s act of kindness was captured on a doorbell camera, which the homeowner shared on social media. After people kept sharing the video and tagging Ryan Reynolds, Dylan caught the actor’s attention. 

Dressed as Ryan Reynolds’ character Guy from the movie “Free Guy,” he not only looked the part, he acted the part. 

“People started commenting–he’s in character,” says Sarah. “I kind of teared up watching the movie because it’s about a guy doing the right thing–Dylan did that.” 

In a video message, Ryan praised and thanked the nine-year-old for his good deed. 

Dylan has also received donations from other people who’ve reached out wanting to do something nice for him. Some people have even bought Dylan items from his Amazon Wish List

“People are just wanting to pass on an act of kindness and they want to recognize him,” says Sarah. “He does have a kind heart. But he’s a typical kid. He’s not perfect all of the time. He did this with no recognition expected at all.”

He says he hopes to eventually meet Ryan Reynolds some day. 

Dylan also has advice for other people: “Do right things and like just be kind and nice.”