DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – With larger blasts of winter weather expected to hit the Miami Valley in the next few days, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Dayton Public Works leaders said they’re prepared and ready to go.

“For Thursday and maybe Friday of this week is looking to impact more of the southern and the eastern part of the state than we have the northern part of the state. A lot of it is how much snow is falling and when is it falling. Those are the two biggest things we fight,” said ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning.

At Dayton Public Works, Director Fred Stovall said they’re also planning to send out a full deployment to combat the anticipated winter weather conditions. “We’ll be sending out all the trucks Thursday. Just because the timing is going to be right around rush hour, so we wanna get out on the front of it. Make sure we’re out on the roads,” said Stovall.

Stovall said the drivers are also already prepared to work longer than normal hours. “So we wanna make sure nobody leaves. Everybody be prepared to work a double shift Thursday evening.”

ODOT and Dayton Public Works leaders and crews are hoping the forecast holds true and the weather won’t be too bad. “The trucks will be out on the street. They’ll be able to put salt down. They’ll be able to respond quickly out on the highways. But, this should be a pretty easy snow event,” said Stovall.

Bruning also continues to plead with drivers to make room for plow crews so that they can stay safe as they work to clear the roads. “When the plows are stuck in traffic they’re not moving any snow, so that means the roads aren’t gonna get cleared. When you stay home you make a massive difference in us getting those roads cleared as quickly and safely as possible,” said Bruning.