CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — After losing his ring in the grass at a local park, a Dayton man thought it was gone forever.

Greg Gerken lost his wedding ring while playing catch with his nephew and sister at Forest Field Park in the Centerville-Washington Park District a couple years ago.

“Putting the mitt on, taking the mitt off, and like hitting the bat and stuff, and I guess one of the times I took the mitt off, my ring must’ve flown off,” said Gerken. “We didn’t notice it right away, but we noticed it while we were there. Spent maybe a half hour looking and just realized it was pretty hopeless to find it.”

A couple years passed and he chalked it up to a loss. But in November, Gerken was at the park with his daughters and he mentioned his lost ring to the park operations manager, Ken Carter. Carter called on experienced metal detectorist Alan Price to help.

“The most interesting thing personally that I have found is what I believe to be what is the wedding ring to one of my ancestors who fought in the French and Indiana War, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 down in Adams County Ohio,” said Price. “I just love being outdoors, and I like looking for things.”

Gerken gave Price a good description of his ring and a general idea of where he found it. Within an hour, Alan was able to find Gerken’s ring buried about five inches under ground.

“I was pretty much beside myself,” said Price with a smile. “I was just happy to return it.”

Greg said his wife was in shock at the find.

“She couldn’t believe it.,” said Gerken. “And I texted my sister too because she was with me the day I lost it and she did the whole Elaine Seinfeld like get out of here type thing.”