DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Following Governor Dewine’s order to close restaurants and bars statewide, local businesses scrambled to make plans that will keep their livelihoods afloat.

“We’re going to stay open and we’re going to continue to do business but we’re going to have to change the way that we approach it,” said Nick Brandell owner of Jimmie’s Ladder. “We Immediately went into action and came down here to 5th street [to] talk with Andy and Nate at Blin Bob’s to try and figure out how we can sell caryyout orders.”

Many restaurants are working to make curbside service and delivery easy options for customers. Brandell says the locally owned business in Downtown Dayton will feel the effects of the shutdown the most.

“It’s important for our local economy, It’s important for all the people who work for us who can’t come to work and serve tables because they’re not allowed to be there. It’s very important to support local right now,” said Brandell.

Moments after the news broke, visitors to the oregon district were in a state of shock.

“We’re in the oregon district all the time, I don’t know what we’re going to do,” said Kelley McKee who owns and operates ASAP Limos.

Others tried to capitalize on the moment to try to enjoy the last hours of a lively downtown for the next few weeks.

“This is my last day to have a social life, that’s why I’m out here,” said Ameer Hafez, an Oregon District patron.

Meanwhile, business owners are assuring customers that despite the virus spread, they are taking every precaution to provide food in a safe and healthy way.

“We’re all ServSafe licensed purveyors of food. We take every precaution so that we do not spread virus and disease.We’ve been doing that the entire time we’ve been in business. This is no different,” said Brandell.

To order curbside surface from Jimmie’s Ladder and Blind Bobs, the owners say you should call their stores. They say 100 percent of the tips will go to supporting their employees and staff during the shut down.

Jimmie’s Ladder: (937) 424-1784
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